Sean Taylor

Sound Recordist, Sound Supervisor (TV), Production Sound Mixer


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07831 592036
  • Production Sound Mixer
  • Sound Recordist
  • Sound Supervisor (TV)
Live Concert / Multitrack Recording
Live Music events
Multi sound source reality shows
Radio Mic infrastructure
Documentary and small crew filming
Aviation Communications
Previous work
"90 Day Fiancé" CPL Productions for Discovery Plus
"Bangers - Mad For Cars" Plum Pictures for C4.
"The Drew Barrymore Show" CBS USA
"Unbreakable" 110% Productions for BBC1
"The Planes That Made Britain" October Films for Channel 5
"Send Nudes:Body S.O.S" Crackit Productions for E4
"I'm With The Band" Penny Lane for BBC1
"Walking Britain's Lost Railways" Ser.2 Channel 5 Doc.
"The Greatest Dancer" 2 Series for BBC TV
"X Factor" Sound Supervisor ITV/Thames/Syco Light Ent. 15 Series
"X Factor China" & "X Factor USA"
"Britain's Got Talent" Sound Supervisor ITV/Thames Light Ent.16 series
"The Red Arrows - Inside The Bubble" BBC Documentary
"Britain's Greatest Pilots" Doc Series for BBC 2
"Britain's Flying Past - The Lancaster Bomber " BBC 2 Documentary
"Airfields Of Britain with Arthur Williams" 6 part Doc for Channel 4
"Britain's Ultimate Pilots" BBC 2 Doc.Series
"Paul Hollywood Meets Aston Martin" BBC 2 Doc.
"Gary Barlow's Journey To Afghanistan" ITV Studios Doc./Light Ent
"Fighting The War" BBC2 Series (RTS Award Winner for Non Fiction Sound)
Base Area
  • UK
  • England - North
  • England - Mid
  • England - East
  • England - SW
  • England - SE
  • Wales
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