Situation as of March 2020 

At the last IPS Executive Committee meeting the decision was made to continue with events, and hold ourselves in a state of readiness to comply with government instructions re Corvid 19 precautions.

It is now clear that venues and sporting organisations are pre-empting the government.  Our Ambisonics event has been called off as a result of the cinema deciding to close its doors, and we believe it is likely that a lot of other venues will follow suit in the coming days and weeks.

It is with regret, therefore, that we have decided to pause our events calendar for the time being, rather than waste our time, and your money, trying to set up events that never come to fruition.

That said, your Executive Committee have already begun investigating the possibility of streaming presentations on-line, or recording media for you to download.   Anything you have that you think may be worth sharing with your IPS colleagues – including ideas for podcasts etc -  please let us know!   

Be assured, we will keep you informed.

IPS Executive Committee

Upcoming events

    • 26/04/2020
    • 10:00 - 12:30
    • Hotcam, 18-22 Telford Way, London W3 7XS

    Once again the IPS are holding our biannual Van Boot Sale. Hot Cam have very kindly agreed to host us and will be demoing their rental kit as well as having some gear up for sale!

    The event will open at 10 and will run until 12ish (gates close at 12.30).

    Anyone wanting to book a stall, please email to book a place.

    Come down and grab a bargain, see you there!

Past events

19/03/2020 *** POSTPONED *** Ambisonics with John Leonard
27/02/2020 'Rocketman' *** postponed reschedule TBC ***
11/02/2020 AoIP - Dante plugfest
28/01/2020 Can They Fix It In Post?
11/12/2019 NFTS Dolby Atmos
07/11/2019 8 Days: to the Moon and Back
26/10/2019 SoundPro '19
24/10/2019 An Evening With Chris Watson
17/10/2019 Analogue In A Digital World
29/09/2019 Audio Van Boot Sale
15/09/2019 PLASA Show 2019
13/09/2019 IBC 2019
27/08/2019 Visit Spiritland New Mobile & Plus 4 Audio
18/06/2019 Location to Post
09/05/2019 Audio for Games & AGM
28/04/2019 Spring Audio Van Boot Sale
09/03/2019 ABC of AoIP
26/02/2019 BVE 2019
17/01/2019 Visit to the set of "Not Going Out" sitcom
06/10/2018 SoundPro 2018
03/10/2018 RF & Radio Mic meeting
26/06/2018 AGM & Tony Faulkner talk
09/06/2018 Visit BBC Springwatch
20/05/2018 IPS Audio Boot Sale
11/04/2018 Visit to The London Studios
22/03/2018 An Evening with Scott Farr
10/03/2018 "Stick it on the Bird" - Satellite Comms
06/03/2018 IPS Member Visit to TV Centre
27/02/2018 BVE 2018
31/01/2018 The Single Shot Casualty Special
15/01/2018 Meet the Metadata
19/12/2017 Christmas Social
08/11/2017 IPS 40th Anniversary events around the UK
07/10/2017 IPS 40th Anniversary celebration (London)
07/10/2017 SoundPro 2017
17/09/2017 PLASA 2017
14/09/2017 IBC 2017
10/09/2017 IPS Audio Boot Sale
03/07/2017 IPS (post election) Any Questions
06/06/2017 Mike Valentine talk & AGM 2017
20/05/2017 Audio Powerhouse 2017 (pt 2b)
20/05/2017 Audio Powerhouse 2017 (pt 2a)
19/05/2017 Audio Powerhouse 2017 (pt 1)
28/04/2017 Visit BT Sport studios
26/03/2017 IPS Audio Boot Sale
06/03/2017 Visit Science Museum Reserve stores
28/02/2017 BVE 2017
24/01/2017 IPS Any Questions
20/01/2017 Visit to the National Sound Archive at British Library
14/12/2016 Festive Evening with Neil Brand
24/11/2016 IPS visit to Fountain Studios
17/11/2016 The Sound of Story 2016
15/11/2016 Reproduced Sound 2016 - Sound with Pictures
08/11/2016 KitPlus Show
07/11/2016 Visit to BT Archive
12/10/2016 Dick Mills on BBC Radiophonic Workshop (pt 2)
06/10/2016 (ISCE) Introduction to Live Sound Engineering
24/09/2016 SoundPro 2016
18/09/2016 PLASA 2016
08/09/2016 IBC 2016
11/05/2016 Visit to ISVR Southampton
08/05/2016 IPS Audio Boot Sale
17/03/2016 Visit to BT Tower
02/03/2016 Any Questions - Live
23/02/2016 BVE 2016
16/12/2015 A Radiophonic Christmas!
23/11/2015 Lights Out and Away we Go!
02/11/2015 PAT Testing Training
19/10/2015 Ear Ear! - Hearing Protection 2015
04/10/2015 PLASA 2015
26/09/2015 Sound Pro 2015
14/08/2015 Visit to Emley Moor transmitter
24/06/2015 AGM and social
28/04/2015 ProTools training day
09/04/2015 Intro to ProTools Free
23/01/2015 Visit to British Grove Studios
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