Visit to Emley Moor transmitter

  • 14/08/2015
  • 16:45 - 20:00
  • Arqiva Tower, Jagger Lane, Emley Moor, Huddersfield, HD8 9TQ
  • 11


Please you will need a head for heights!!
Registration is closed

The iconic Emley Moor transmitting mast is the third at this site and is the tallest self-supporting structure in the UK. It is grade II listed. On a clear day there can be a view from the top all the way to the Humber Bridge and York Minster. Also on this site is the National Operations Centre for most/all terrestrial television and radio transmission in the UK (inc DAB), having taken over completely all monitoring switching and routing duties from the other three joint-sites (Blackhill, Croydon & St Hilary).

Generously hosted by Arqiva and organised courtesy of Mark Steele the Head of Service Management Terrestrial Broadcast, this visit is stricly limited to 11 IPS members. You will be given conducted tours of the National Operations Centre, the transmitter hall, other areas, and an escorted visit to a platform at the top of the transmitting tower, travelling in the service lift up the core of the structure in small groups. It is also anticipated that there will be refreshments and a short illustrated history of the site.

Arrival is at 16:45 to allow for registration and security procedures before a 17:00 start.
PDF map here.

Very important.    Strict regulations apply to ascending the tower. The lift is an operational area, as is the upper area of the tower, and visitors must be able to move freely without aid of a stick or similar AND in a case of emergency be able to pass through a hatchway 18" square (that's a 25" diagonal ~ if in doubt, make a newspaper cutout to check!).

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