Ear Ear! - Hearing Protection 2015

  • 19/10/2015
  • 18:30 - 21:30
  • Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ Tube: Euston or Euston Square


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Your hearing is your work - but also importantly your life. Learn about how it can be damaged and how you can protect it.

This presentation will begin with an introduction to ear physiology from audiologist Louise Hart, and what happens when the ear is damaged. She will talk about what is available to help you protect your hearing; why the law is required; and what is currently in place.

The stage is then set for Fred Jackson and Dennis Weinreich - two well known audio professionals with their own stories of impaired hearing, and what they have learned through their experience (profiles below).

Our three experienced speakers will help guide you through this subject. One that should be close to your heart. You will not miss it until it is gone!

About the speakers

Louise Hart has been an audiologist for 22 years, working both in Australia and in the UK. She has specialised in complex adult hearing losses and Bone Anchored hearing aids, and has also been a practice based assessor for Southampton University audiology programme. Her work with Action on Hearing Loss the last 2 years is as an audiology specialist within the policy and campaigns team. This encompasses many roles, including helping to advise on policy within the organisation. giving talks and being a conduit to other professionals. It is a role she combines with working in the NHS, seeing patients still and advising on clinical improvements for the NHS audiology group. Louise has also recently been voted onto the Quality Services Committee of the British Academy of Audiology.

photo Fred jacksonFred Jackson has been a sound engineer working with live music acts and TV entertainment shows for the past 25 years. From Bruce Springsteen to the X Factor. He has first hand experience of the damage that exposure to high, sudden and repeated levels of sound can bring. Fred has been there, blown his ears and bought the ear plugs! He knows how to prevent damage and how to carry on working and enjoying life, once the damage is done. Keen to ensure that his industry colleagues take measures to prevent the problems of Tinnitus, Hyperacusis and hearing loss, Fred is now an authorised distributor for one of the world’s leading hearing protection providers, ACS. Fred established Fred Jackson Hearing Protection in the Autumn of 2014.

photo Dennis WeinreichDennis Weinreich is originally from LA and his interest in audio stretches back to his school years. His home studio was a regular haunt for the booming mid 1960’s Southern Californian surf music scene. In 1970 he was working as part of the team at The Village Recorder, one of the hottest studios in Los Angeles. (Steely Dan, Eric Clapton, Sly Stone, Miles Davis, The Stones, Fleetwood Mac). Dennis arrived in London in September of 1971 to work on the animated series ‘The Jackson 5’ for what he thought would be six weeks. He’s still here. Finally making the commitment to music over film at Scorpio Sound, Dennis spent the 70’s and 80’s as a music engineer and producer working with artists as diverse as Jeff Beck, The Walker Brothers, Queen, Supertramp, Wham, The Real Thing, Talk Talk, Jack Bruce, Jon Anderson, Mick Taylor, Hummingbird, and many more. He established Videosonics to make creative technology used in the music world available to the emerging independent television sector and by the mid 1990’s, had become one of the largest film and TV sound facilities outside the United States. Dennis took on the Chair of JAMES from Phil Harding in early 2015.

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